MPG123 Binaries

mpg123 is a MPEG Layer 3 audio player for UNIX. The homepage for this program can be found at A mirror of the source code can be found at

WARNING: These binaries are based on an older version of mpg123. Even worse, there are known security holes in these binaries. (See the official mpg123 web page for more information.) If you're working with known sources of mp3s, this issue is probably moot. (e.g., I personally only play mp3's that I rip from my CDs and records.) If you're pulling mp3s from Kazaa or such, you're taking chances.

The Binaries
OS Version Comments Filename Size
Linux (i386) 2.x Compiled on 2.1.82, should work on any 2.0+ kernel. Staticly linked ELF binary. Tested. mpg123-linux2-elf 228k
IRIX 6.x Compiled on IRIX 6.2. Should work on any IRIX 6.x box. Dynamically linked. Tested. mpg123-irix6.2-shared 219k
IRIX (MIPS1) 5.3 Compiled on IRIX 5.3 by Björn Ljungdahl. Should work on any Irix above 5.3 (but not as efficiently as on 6.x). Tested. Note: This is version 0.59r mpg123-irix5.3-mips1-static 229k
IRIX (MIPS3) 6.5 Compiled on IRIX 6.5 by Björn Ljungdahl. May not work on any version less than 6.5. Tested. Note: This is version 0.59r. mpg123-irix6.5-mips3-static 162k
Solaris 2.5 Compiled on Solaris 2.5 with gcc. Dynamically linked. Tested. mpg123-solaris2.5-shared 131k
HPUX 10.20 Compiled on HPUX 10.20 with aCC. Compiled by Ralf Hildebrandt and tested on HPUX 10.20. Only shared library is the C library so it should work for all HPUX systems. Note: This is a more recent version of mpg123, 0.59o. mpg123-hpux10.20-shared 232k
SunOS 4.1.3 Compiled on SunOS 4.1.3 with gcc. Tested on SunOS 4.1.4 (sun4m) by Solofo R. and it appears to work fine. Statically linked. mpg123-sunos4.1.3-static 294k

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